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All Platform - M1 is the only solution that supports all platforms and all brands - every oscilloscope brand, every digitizer brand, every EDA tool, and more.

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Analysis, Exploration, Characterization, Debug, Compliance... No tool has been in this space, or in a constant state of refinement, longer than M1 - since 1994. M1 implements a huge, proven library of more than 400 measurements, decodes and compliance applications.*

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* And we do you the favor of not selling them to you separately - one tool, everything is in it.

Automation - Learn how M1 can integrate any collection of scopes and digitizers under a rich common library of waveform handling functionality. This is one of M1's most powerful features.

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Infinitely Scaleable, Broadly Deployable - One scope, five scopes, one campus, all your campuses - the most flexible licensing in the industry can save your organization millions of dollars.

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Collaboration - Technology is a team sport. M1 can instantly bring all of your engineers together with any waveform to most quickly move your workflow forward.

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EDA - As with digitizers, the EDA product space is almost completely devoid of sophisticated waveform handling tools. Click the icon to explore the myriad of ways that M1 instantly fills this huge gap.

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Full off-line functionality - You don't have to be connected to the platform to explore, analyze, automate, characterize, etc. your waveforms. Take your waveforms with you when you leave the lab, share them using built-in collaboration tools, and save them for later recall using M1's unique librarian capabilities.

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M1 is an Engine - M1 is nothing like the narrow, proprietary little software add-ons you can buy with some platforms, none of which correlate to each other. M1 is an engine designed to accelerate every step of your organization's waveform workflow… analysis, automation, debug tools, collaboration, and much more.

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Platforms - Real-time oscilloscopes, Digitizers/PC oscilloscopes, EDA simulator output, as well as test stands that contain a mixture of any of the above, test stands; with broader capabilities than the simple native offerings from the manufacturer.

Accelerates - M1 has powerful analysis, but goes far beyond analysis. Throughout your device's life cycle, you do many things with waveforms. M1 is designed to help you do all of this more efficiently, speeding everything from time-to-fault discovery, to more flexible integration with your automation, to time-to-market.

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