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Analysis, Exploration, Characterization, Debug, Compliance...

M1 has been in this space, and in a constant state of refinement, since 1994. No other tool has this pedigree. It has consistently been the standard other products seek to emulate. To quote a scope company we know very well, it is referred to internally as "the gold standard".

M1 implements a huge, proven library of measurements, decodes and compliance applications.* It includes advanced, intuitive exploration, debug tools that help you find problems faster, and characterization modes that streamline the recording of data. There is even a patented Hidden Anomaly Location mode that can detect subtle signal integrity failures.

These and more are surrounded by unique capabilities that go far beyond measurement and analysis to deliver a total solution for accelerating your workflow around waveforms. Whatever you need to do with your waveforms, absolutely no other tool provides solutions that are half as complete or half as rigorous as M1.

* And we do you the favor of not selling each point functionality to you separately - it's one tool, and everything is in it


M1 Waveform Tools™ puts more, and more powerful, measurements at your finger tips than you can ever get directly from the platform manufacturer.


Speeding characterization work by orders of magnitude


Tools developed from decades of experience in solving the hardest problems


Fast, intuitive waveform exploration


Stop paying $1000s for every new compliance test