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ASA is ready to do whatever it takes to help you get your job done.  Please select the option below that best describes your needs:

M1 Installation and Support

M1 Installation Guide
Read this before
you install M1

For oscilloscopes, or
for digitizers

Technical Support resources


Product information

License Registration

Supported Scopes


Installation Assistance and Technical Support

Read this before you install M1

ASA has created a comprehensive guide (pdf) to walk you through setting up not just the M1 software, but also the additional hardware and/or software that must also be installed or configured in order for M1 to function properly.



Tech Support

    For additional Technical Support resources, including an online FAQ and Knowledgebase,  click here.

Product Information

License Registration

To permanently activate your M1 license, you must register it.

Supported Scopes and Digitizers

To see a list of oscilloscopes and digitizers that are supported by M1 Waveform Tools, or to determine which of M1's six Companion Levels your scope or digitizer belongs to, click here.

Found a Bug?

If you are having a problem with M1 that you think is a bug, please let us know.

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