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June 4, 2014 Volume 14 Issue 2

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M1 Waveform Tools™ v7 New Features and Companion Products

As promised, we're back with another newsletter to round out the sweeping collection of capability enhancements introduced with M1™ v7 that we've been officially announcing over the past month.

In addition to straightforward improvements like a color-graded eye diagram and a significant (up to 10x or more) increase in processing speed, below you'll find almost half a dozen major new functionalities in M1WT™ that weren't covered in the last ASA Newsletter.  ASA has also released a pair of highly useful companion products to M1 which are described below as well.

(If you missed last month's newsletter, you can catch up here.)

As always, much more about M1 products can be found at our website,, or you can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

New Automation Features
Expanding M1's lead in waveform-workflow automation in multiple ways

First, the new Express Test™ Automation tool enables users to create efficient test automations without having to know how to program. The tool provides numerous ways to define a specific path through full compliance tests, including an exciting way to work together with the existing Compliance Breakout™ feature.

Another new capability is called MacroScripts™, and employs natural operator actions to create an automation.  MacroScripts are a blazing fast option for authoring repetitive automation sequences where a full-blown M1 TestScript™ isn’t needed. Any M1 action, including acquisition, analysis and reporting, can be incorporated within these automations.

Other major updates to M1’s Automation architecture have to do with additions to the command language which controls M1 from a test-executive. New commands and modes have been added around reporting, saving, and the addition of tools that permit more sophisticated control schemes, among others.

To learn more about M1's unique capabilities for automating your waveform workflow, go to

M1 Emergency Licensing Server™
'On the shelf' instant license transfer capability without ASA assistance

M1 ELS™ makes sure that your test stand experiences no downtime even when a scope or digitizer needs to be repaired, calibrated, or replaced.  Just transfer your M1WT license to another instrument (either temporarily or permanently) and keep going, regardless of whether or not the new box is the same platform or brand as the old one.

For details, go to the M1 Apps Store at

New Compliance Test and Decode Apps
Giving engineers better choices than expensive manufacturer add-on software

We've released a total of six new Compliance Apps and one Decode App along with M1WT v7.  As with all Compliance and Decode Apps in the M1 Apps Store™, these new Apps are available at no cost.

The following Compliance and Decode Apps are newly available:

  • 10 Gb Ethernet
  • USB 3.0
  • Power Analysis
  • LPDDR2
  • DDR3
  • DDR4
  • SATA Decode

To see the entire selection of no-cost compliance and decode Apps, visit the M1 Apps Store at

M1 Waveform Exchange™
Collaborate with customers and vendors even if they don't use M1

M1 Waveform Exchange users are able to invite customers, vendors, or other teams to exchange their waveform data from oscilloscopes, digitizers, or EDA tools. This collaboration facilitates responding to support questions by extending the full depth and breadth of M1 Waveform Tools' analysis and debug capabilities to the waveforms of your partners who don't use M1.

For more information, go to the M1 Apps Store at

File Tags
Categorize and summarize waveforms easily

To assist users in categorizing saved waveforms for later retrieval, M1 now implements a sophisticated File Tag architecture to provide descriptive information about the saved waveform. File Tags are automatically created for certain critical information, and the user can add their own as well. To assist in finding a desired waveform, Tags can be viewed by simply hovering the cursor over the file in Windows Explorer.

 To learn more about M1's unique file tagging capability, go to

Waveform Comments
Annotate and track waveform issues with collaborators

An update to M1’s already extensive collaboration capabilities enables users to attach detailed comments to a particular position on the waveform being analyzed. Each comment records a timestamp and author, allowing collaboration to be accurately recorded and tracked.

When an issue is resolved, the comment can be marked as ‘closed’ to enable easy differentiation of what issues remain to be addressed. The comment table also allows for immediate navigation to any comment in any measurement, and will even create the required measurement if it’s not already available.

To learn more about M1 Waveform Comments, go to

M1 Assistant™
Helping new users become experts quickly

As with any tool that has the depth and breadth of M1, there can be a learning curve for new users. To the numerous assistive technologies already available, M1 v7 adds the M1 Assistant, providing one-button access to a wide variety of common M1 capabilities. Users can even customize the M1 Assistant to prominently display the most recently used features or a specific set of features that they select.

To learn more about the M1 Assistant, go to