Isolated Subpopulation Analysis

M1 includes a powerful set of tools we call Isolated Sub-Population Analysis (ISPA) that help you understand two important classes of anomalies: those which repeat, and those which can be correlated with events or behaviors on other signals or in other domains. ISPA provides the critical "back end" of the process to take anomalies discovered by HAL compliance test failures,or other anomaly-targeting parts of M1, and determine their root cause.

ISPA creates an analysis population that is comprised only of the anomalies of interest; none of the 'normal' events that comprise the majority of the waveform are present in the isolated sub-population (ISP). The ISP can then be explored and analyzed using M1's very rich collection of tools, enabling you to understand...

  • Duration of the anomaly
  • Number of events during individual instantiations of the anomaly
  • Amplitude of the anomalies vs. time
  • Intervals between instantiations of the anomaly
  • Correlation of the anomaly with events in other domains or on other signals
  • etc.