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Free Analysis and Waveform-Sharing Software

M1 Waveform Viewer (M1 WV) is an award-winning tool that provides engineering/technology instructors and students with a sophisticated and valuable free tool that lets you capture, view, analyze, save and report on waveforms, as well as easily/instantly share those waveforms and the application itself with others. The ability to fully interact with those waveforms (rather than just pictures of waveforms) anywhere you want to gets you out of the lab faster.

M1 WV will make your life easier.

Get Out of the Lab Faster

Analyze/Explore your waveforms in your dorm, Campus Center, or on the bus going home...

Share Waveforms Instantly with Lab Partners, TAs, Professors, or Employers

Specifically designed to make sharing of waveforms simple

Powerful - No-Cost - Downloads Immediately

The ideal waveform analysis tool for engineering students

Makes Life Easier for Professors and TAs Too

What you can gain by making M1 WV a standard in your courses

Acquire Waveforms From Any Source

Only one tool supports all of the oscilloscopes, digitizers, and EDA tools you use


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