M1 Waveform Tools Training

Experts are more effective than rookies - ASA training makes your team experts


Your engineers are experts at getting your parts or systems to the market. In the course of doing that, they have to employ instruments and analysis tools that can be both highly sophisticated and require a certain amount of experience and judgement to employ effectively. ASA can provide training, both on-site or over the web, to ramp your engineers and operators to where you need them to be.  Our training spans the gamut - ranging from basic product operation to complete programs in system automation to initial deployment planning/execution/operation.  This training is almost always immediately self-funding...  The increase in your team's effectiveness reduces mistakes and delays due to uncertainty and gets your work out the door faster.

In addition to for-fee training, ASA also provides a wide range of no-cost training aimed at the individual user and delivered both online and from within M1 Waveform Tools itself.

ASA's more advanced Customer Skills Training is a comprehensive, progressive (i.e. one program builds on others; prerequisites exist) program that employs multiple learning modes, student skills certification upon completion, and combines classroom and in-the-lab/hands-on work.  For more information, or to understand more about this training, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Basic Tools Training

Advanced Tools Training

  • Topics in Advanced Measurement Workflow — WBDM
  • Establishing an enterprise-level collaboration framework
  • Migrating from a multi-vendor, multi-title software environment to M1WT
  • Considerations in siting a high-precision measurement system
  • M1 Site Expert - Establishing/Certifying an M1 Super-User
  • M1 for internal and external consultants
  • Deploying an enterprise-level defect barrier with HAL
  • Advanced debugging techniques
  • PLL-specific methodologies
  • Considerations in siting a high-precision measurement system
  • M1 External Measurement Development— Creating external measurements in MATLAB or C++/C# for use by M1

Note that ASA segregates some training modules on the basis of whether the module pertains more to an installation of one or a few licenses of M1, or to a campus- or enterprise-wide volume installation.  Training that applies to the latter can be found under T&M Platform Deployment Services.

Certification - Many courses can be presented with and without certification. Certification provides you with credentials to demonstrate to your organization, as well as future employers, that you have achieved a particular level of expertise in the topic at hand. When certification is elected, the training ends with a graduation test tailored to the subject. Not everyone is an expert, and only experts will come out the other end of a certification program.

For more information about ASA's Customer Skills Training, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.